Hear from Clients and Partners

The horse world is very small and reputation is everything. Jahi's clients are open to giving feedback and serving as references. Jahi takes all feedback as a way to continuously improve his services for riders, horses and community and business partners. 

Here's what clients are saying:

"I can't say enough good things about Jahi. I met him several years ago when he was teaching young riders and training horses at my barn. I saw him on a daily basis for over a year. I was so impressed by his dedication and care of his students and the horses under his training.  He has been a life long rider; was active in Pony Club and continues to further his education by attending clinics.  He has a natural ability and way with horses that is very impressive.  What I love most about Jahi and what really stands out is his positive attitude.  He makes his lessons fun and upbeat.  He gives positive and negative feedback but you don't walk away feeling bad about your efforts like many trainers make you feel.  He gives you the inspiration to move forward and tackle your next challenge.  I wish he was still at my barn." 

- Kathy Rogers, Boarder/Client

"I began taking some training sessions with Jahi late 2015. He's helping me with cowboy dressage, horsemanship patterns, and general horsemanship. He is positive and his directions are easy to follow. He has a kind heart both for the horses and for the riders and is an easy, fun person to learn from. He presents me with challenges to work on in between training sessions. In addition, Jahi gives my horse his monthly shots. His is someone I feel very comfortable with. He has a wealth of information and answers questions with ease."

-Sidney Simpson, Training Client 

"I first met Jahi Bickman in 2012 while on my horse. Whether he is in the saddle or on his own two feet, Jahi has a wonderful way of connecting with humans as well as equines. We often taught lessons at the same time, swept, cleaned and rode together. Jahi is incredibly humble and kind, which is rare for someone who is also so talented and intelligent. Jahi can connect to people of all ages, has seemingly endless amounts of patience, and can take riders of any age and level. This is quite impressive, because it means translating his experience and knowledge to so many different people and horses. I am picky when it comes to having other people on my mare, but Jahi was my top choice. We need to clone Jahi!"

-Ruth Goldstein, Riding Instructor